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Digisurrealist in SHAF's Contemporary Passions Exhibition 2017

There are ten artists taking part, each producing a range of work which will reflect their interests, skills and progress as artists as they are at that moment in time. A snapshot of their work in 2017.

Descriptions of ‘their passions’ include: Self taught mosaics recycling found objects; abstract mixed media paintings; images of the natural world evoking a strong emotional reaction; prehistoric landscapes and recent human activity and digital manipulation; paintings of places, landscapes and vernacular architecture crossing from figurative to abstract; images and printmaking inspired by the natural world, the South Devon coast, my dogs and birds; jewellery inspired by geometric shapes and objects and forms seen in everyday life; playful printmaking and ceramics capturing a sense of energy and movement; rediscovery of painting and drawing through life and landscape. Varied individuals and passions drawn together to make a fascinating revelation of ten artists.

Teresa Barlow

Gilly Cotter

Nick Cotter

Sue Farrow-Jones

Jane Mahood

Michele Meyer

Elaine Sibley

Sally Tapsell-Hall

Stephen Thomas

Val Uglow

Dreams of Seasons

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