My work portrays dream like scenes, inspired by surrealist art

“Digisurrealism” describes the inclusion of the unexpected and dream like elements in my digital images
The process I use is similar to painting, building up each layer or colour by using varying degrees of translucency

My palette consists of elements of my photographic images, to provide the frameworks, colour, texture, and subjects

To see how a finished piece is made of multiple images, go to Creating an Image Video page

"Boatyard Dreams" started out as a photograph of a boatyard door along Island Street, Salcombe

Doors are symbolic of passing from one world to another

This boatyard door also provided a framework for the images that might be found when peering in, or when dreaming about boating

As the sequence plays, you will see the individual panes of glass, then the panels for each section, and finally the complete image